University of Delaware building - MSDS program

We are pleased to announce that the tuition rate for the coming academic year, from fall 2020 through summer 2021, will be $950 per credit. This rate is still subject to the University of Delaware Board of Trustees’ approval in May 2020. This rate makes UD’s MSDS very competitive with regional programs, and we think that the student will get outstanding value for their future careers from the program.

The program began with a soft opening in the 2018-19 year with just a handful of students. The 2019-20 year was the first year of being fully open, and the first two students will graduate in May 2020. The number of students in the program is expected to more than triple to over 40 students in the fall 2020 semester. There is a mix of full- and part-time students. Students working and studying part-time are expected from JP Morgan Chase, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, CompassRed, and others.

As part of our full-time student body, we have several students who have combined their undergraduate degrees with the MSDS via our 4+1 Bx/MSDS programs. The total number of departments participating in these programs is increasing to 5 for the coming year. This is expected to be a rapidly growing part of the program as well.