We are happy to share that the young MS in Data Science program has produced its first three graduates!  Their fields range from domain applications in geography, energy, and education.

Abdul Qadir Khan MS in Data Science Graduate University of Delaware

Abdul Qadir Khan

Mohammad Abdul Qadir Khan graduated in May 2020.  He was a research assistant in the Department of Geographical and Spatial Sciences under the supervision of Dr Pinki Mondal.  He completed a thesis entitled “Synergistic use of microwave and optical satellite data for monsoon cropland mapping in India.”   He won multiple awards for his course and research work during his studies in the UD MSDS program.  He is the recipient of the ASPRS Ta Liang Memorial Award from American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing. He is currently working with ESRI as a summer intern in the Imagery and Remote Sensing team.

Jon Clifford MS in Data Science Gradate University of Delaware

Jon Clifford

Jon Clifford graduated in May 2020 as well.  Jon was an applied math major as an undergraduate at UD.  He then continued on in the MSDS.  He did an internship at Constellation Energy in the summer of 2019.  He is currently working on a project with Professors Greg Dobler, Federica Bianco and Eric Best to help forecast the demand for hospital beds at the Christiana Care Health System based on Covid-19 cases counts in the state of Delaware.  The project is in collaboration with Drs Mia Pappas and Tze Chiam at Christiana Care.

Mu He MS in Data Science Graduate University of Delaware

Mu He


Mu He of UD completed his MSDS while working for the Academic Services group.  He helps run the Canvas learning management system on campus.  During his studies, he completed a summer project course to implement machine learning methods to help identify students in need of help during their studies.  In addition, he has completed his Ed.D. here at UD.  Mu will be awarded his degree in August 2020.

Congratulations to our first three graduates!!!