Why UD?

There many good reasons to choose the University of Delaware for an MS in data science.

Specialize in the Subject You Want

Our MS in data science is designed to be flexible.  The required courses are selected from small lists in mathematics, computer science and statistics.  From the beginning that allows the student to have a great deal of say in the emphasis of the degree.  Thereafter, the student can choose electives from a wide variety of courses and subjects around campus.  Your plan will be reviewed and approved by your faculty advisor and the program director.

Pre-set specializations are possible but not required; you are in control of the specialty.

Get Your Own Faculty Advisor from the Start

You will be paired with a faculty advisor who is expert in your area of interest.  Our affiliated faculty number more than 60, spanning a very wide range of specialties and expertise.  If the appropriate specialty is not yet represented, we will find someone on campus who has the needed knowledge and experience.

Delaware has Special Data Sets

Our faculty and state have specialized data that can’t be found elsewhere.  From bird migration data to Delaware state health records to state and local government data to animal fMRI to physical rehabilitation data.  The data is matched with detailed knowledge of researchers here.

Get Real-World Experience

We have already placed students in internships off campus, and are currently generating more opportunities with our partners and beyond.  We also offer project-based courses where students work on real data in teams to get the relevant experience they need to be effective data scientists.

Scholarships and Funding may be Available

Applicants are automatically considered for Dean’s Scholarships during the application process.  In some cases, professors may have funding to support students to work on research in their teams.  At this time, there are not full assistantships or fellowships available through the MS in data science; such support may be available through affiliated faculty members’ departmental or research funding.

We’re a Rapidly Growing Program

We will more than double in size during the 2019-2020 year.  Join us at an exciting time when we are teaming up with more and more organizations to provide well-trained graduates to help both the organizations and the graduates succeed.