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What are the application deadlines for the fall and spring semesters?

The application deadline for spring semester admission is November 15, though applicants are encouraged to apply earlier in the fall semester as spaces for this program are limited. The application deadline for fall semester admission is April 15. The admissions committee begins application review six weeks before the application deadline. Application deadlines for all graduate programs can be found here.

Why should I pursue a Master of Science in Data Science degree at the University of Delaware?

The data science field is growing rapidly in demand for well-trained and knowledgeable graduates. The University of Delaware’s Master of Science in Data Science program gives solid background in the recognized elements of data science: math, statistics and computer science. Students in this program have the opportunity to study with award-winning faculty such as NSF CAREER award winners. Every student gets an advisor to help them design his/her own program path.

What are the benefits of an interdisciplinary degree?

The University of Delaware’s Master of Science in Data Science program is interdisciplinary and has the flexibility to provide students with domain knowledge from a wide range of departments and fields. This interdisciplinary program provides opportunities for the synthesis of ideas and the synthesis of characteristics from multiple disciplines. Simultaneously, it addresses students’ unique differences and helps to develop important, transferable skills. The students in this program will graduate with a more in depth understanding of data science because they are considering the diverse and varied perspectives from which it can be explored.

What is a 4+1 Bachelors/MSDS option?

The 4+1 Bachelors/MSDS option allows an undergraduate currently enrolled at UD to complete the MSDS in one additional year, while sharing six credits of graduate coursework between the two degrees.  (Without the 4+1 option it is not possible to share credits between undergraduate and graduate degrees.)  The MSDS can be obtained in conjunction with a limited numbers of Bachelor degree programs as a 4+1 Bx/MSDS combination. Here the x in Bx can be A for Arts, S for Science or other letters for other degrees. At the time of writing, the Bachelor degrees available are from the departments of computer and information sciences, electrical and computer engineering, and mathematical sciences.  For detailed curriculum requirements, see the program policy statement.

What is needed to apply for the 4+1 option?

Current students who wish to be admitted to the combined Bachelor/MSDS 4+1 program should submit an application during the junior year of academic study toward an undergraduate degree at the University of Delaware. Interested students should consult with an advisor from the MSDS program about the courses to be taken in order to fill out the “Graduate Course Approval Form for 4+1 Admission Approval” from OGPE. After submitting that form, the student may then apply to the Bachelor/MSDS 4+1 program.  At a minimum, the applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 and a GPA of 3.4 in their undergraduate major.  For any Bachelor degree, the applicant must have completed the background requirements by the end of the fourth year of undergraduate study. Two letters of recommendation from University of Delaware faculty and academic transcripts must be submitted.  Neither the GRE nor the TOEFL/IELTS exam is required for 4+1 program applications.

Is the GRE exam required for admission?

*The GRE requirement has been waived for spring and fall 2022 admission applicants.

Beginning with spring 2020 admission, the MSDS program requires that applicants take the GRE for admission. The program will also accept the GMAT if the applicant requests substituting for the GRE during the application process. Any subject GRE in a STEM field may be used as well. The GRE is waived if the student has another Master’s degree, or if the student has completed a graduate certificate that has 12 or more graduate credits in a STEM or quantitative field.  Applicants with more than 5 years of work experience that is directly related to degree program topics may request a waiver during the application process. The decision regarding the waiver rests with the MSDS program and cannot be appealed.  Applicants for the 4+1 Bx/MSDS option are not required to take the GRE, and should request a waiver during the application process.

Do I need to take the TOEFL or IELTS if I am a foreign student?

If you are a foreign student, and if you have not already earned a degree from an American university, then you will need to take one of these exams. The minimum scores needed are on the Requirements page.

What is the tuition charge for this degree?

The tuition rate for the 2020-21 academic year is the standard tuition rate of $950 per credit hour.  Rates for all graduate programs can be found here.

Is there financial aid available?

Students should file the FAFSA to be considered for federal student loans. Aid is generally awarded for the academic year, but disbursement (payment) is split between the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Is this program for full or part time students?

Similar to most degree programs at the University of Delaware, students can take classes full-time or part-time; it’s up to the student.

Is there an online version of this degree? Or a related certificate program?

Though some courses are offered online by the participating departments, this program is primarily in person. Courses should be checked individually because they may change from one semester to the next. The courses that are offered in the coming semester may be foundhere.

How do I find course descriptions?

The course descriptions of all of the University of Delaware’s courses can be found here; be sure to check the year because there are archived versions stored as well. The catalog for the 2018-2019 year is the first one that applies to this program. Type the course of interest into the dialog box at the upper left.

The application fee is an obstacle for me. Can it be waived?

Please contact msds-admin@udel.edu with your fee waiver request after you have completed the application and attached your supporting documents. The program should be contacted before the application has been submitted.