4 + 1 Students

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For students who are currently enrolled at the University of Delaware, the MS in Data Science degree has 4+1 options for those students with majors in the departments of computer and information sciences, electrical and computer engineering, physics and astronomy, mechanical engineering, and mathematical sciences.

Applying to the 4+1 Bx/MSDS program

Students interested in applying to the combined 4+1 Bx/MSDS program should submit a graduate admissions application. In addition to the admissions application, he or she will also need to submit transcripts, a personal statement, a graduate course approval form, and two letters of recommendation.  You should email your graduate course approval form to msds-admin@udel.edu. You should submit the rest of your application materials directly to the admissions portal. The GRE requirement is waived for students entering the MSDS program as 4+1 Bx/MSDS students.

The admission application will request contact information for three recommenders. You will enter your two recommenders’  contact information in the first two openings. For the third recommender, enter the MSDS Program Coordinator’s information (Tiffany Harrison, msds-admin@udel.edu). The MSDS Program Coordinator will upload your approved graduate course approval form, and this will be uploaded by the MSDS program as your third recommendation.

The graduate course approval form should be discussed with the MSDS program administration and the undergraduate advisor prior to submission.  The courses planned in that form are the initial plan for earning the MSDS, and for planning which two graduate courses will be applied to the Bachelor’s degree.

Graduating as MSDS 4+1 Student

Students beginning the final semester of MSDS study (the +1 year)should complete a graduation application form by the deadline for that semester.  In addition to the graduation application form, 4+1 students will need to submit a transfer of credit form indicating which undergraduate credits are to be applied to the graduate degree.  Both documents should be forwarded to the Graduate College by the graduation application deadline (listed in the academic calendar).

By the end of the second week of the final semester of the MSDS, the student should express interest in the convocation ceremony for the MSDS to the program administration.